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What We Stand For



Our Mission

Helping commercial property owners and managers to cost effectively manage their fire protection systems, meet their legal obligations, and protect personnel safety in a fully compliant environment.


Our Vision

To be known as a trusted, competent and highly regarded fire protection services company within the greater Auckland region

Our Purpose

Protecting peoples lives and property from the disruptive and devastating effects of fire.


Our Values



INTEGRITY:                We do what we say we will


CUSTOMER FIRST:   We will always act to save our customers money, but without compromising employee                                     safety


SAFETY:                     Above all our priority is to keep people safe


TRUST:                       We value long term relationships so we consistently act to earn and keep our                                                     customers trust

Our Qualifications

  • FPANZ Certified

  • Independent Qualified Person (IQP)

  • Producer Statement author

  • Certified Sprinkler Contractor with ICNZ (Insurance Council of NZ)

  • Health & Safety accredited system implemented by About People

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