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In a service based business like ours the team is everything. Sure you need good systems, high standards and a strong customer focus, but without without skilled people who know what they're doing and are happy to help each other out there's nothing to distinguish your team from all the others out there who do the same thing.


That's why our philosophy is to recruit, train and continually invest in the right people who have positive customer service focused attitudes. We believe in growing people to be the best they can be.

Management and Administration

Mark Bishop

Managing Director


Mark has a well-earned reputation for getting the right people on the bus - and then looking after them. This approach didn’t happen by accident, it’s been honed from years of working in hospitality, business broking and real estate – all of them customer service focussed. Since taking over the business 8 years ago it has doubled in size - confirming that it’s a winning formula.


When not in the corner office you’ll find Mark in gumboots on his deer farm in the Waikato.

Fire Alarm Service

Ameet Kant

Service Manager


Ameet relishes the role of taking primary responsibility for managing the team of service technicians.  With 10 years in the industry and 8 of those with First Fire there are few customer problems he can't solve. He likes the variety his role offers and the challenges of staying ahead of rapidly changing technology in a fast moving industry.


A dedicated family man he likes to travel but admits he has had little opportunity lately. In spite of that he still manages to squeeze in the odd game of social soccer.

Sprinkler Systems

Selwyn Torr

Sprinkler Service Manager 


Selwyn has been with First Fire for 8 years and enjoys being part of a close-knit team in a growing company. Originally from South Africa he has 20 years experience in sprinkler systems. He enjoys using that expertise to solve problems quickly and efficiently and  he believes that customers really value that.


After hours Selwyn likes to paddleboard, and if it’s the middle of winter he’ll just don a wetsuit.

Company Founder

Stephen Pountney

14th Aug 1950 – 30th Jan 2014

A company founder who tragically passed away on 30th January 2014 after a short battle with Cancer.


Stephen was a highly respected and valued member of our senior management team with strong ethics and a passion for the Fire Protection Industry. Stephen dedicated more than 50 years of his life to the Fire Protection Industry, achieving numerous qualifications including IQP, Producer Statement Authorship and registered Assessor for the National Certification for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Level 4 and Fire Protection Systems Technology, Level 4.  

He had also served on the Disputes Committee for NZS4512 in the Auckland Region.

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