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Testing & Maintenance

Our responsibility is to ensure your buildings fire protection systems are tested and maintained to the appropriate NZS performance standards.


We also make sure you are aware of all recommended preventative maintenance to help prevent any possible false alarm activations.

Testing your Fire Protection Systems 

We test your Fire Protection Systems for compliance in accordance with New Zealand Standards at scheduled intervals, undertaken by our service team,  to certify compliance of alarm and sprinkler systems to the relevant New Zealand Standards.


We can also carry out all necessary repairs and maintenance as reported, which is first quoted and then authorised by you.


We have a full workshop and testing facility to ensure all resources are used before having to replace a device.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is aimed at avoiding breakdown or malfunction through regular servicing, cleansing, adjustment, lubrication, or even replacement. The frequency and standards are generally based on published standards or recommendations made by the designer, manufacturer or supplier.


These services are programmed and scheduled to deliver timely and relevant compliance documentation for efficiently issuing annual BWofs (building warrants of fitness).

Callouts - Activations / Defects

Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any emergency.

In the event of a fire activation we will investigate fully to ascertain the cause of the activation and find a suitable solution to help prevent a re-currence.

IQP Certification

First Fire Systems services and offers IQP certification for the following fire protection systems:

  • Fire Alarm Systems - monthly testing and annual survey

  • Emergency Lighting Systems - monthly / six monthly testing and annual survey

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems - monthly testing, annual/biennial surveys

  • Fire Sprinkler Diesel Engines - weekly testing and annual overhaul

  • Fire Sprinkler Backflow Preventer - annual testing
  • Fire Riser Main - annual testing

Hand Held Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Annual service and test of Fire Hose-reels & Extinguishers.

  • Fire Extinguisher Training


Building Warrant of Fitness


  • Assistance with Trial Evacuations.

  • Provide and maintain Building Log Books for compliance purposes.

  • Assist with management of the Building Warranty of Fitness.

  • Conduct compulsory monthly Owners Inspections.

  • Inspect, certify and install Emergency Signage

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