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We design, build and install a range of fire protection systems, including retrofits through to new buildings.


The installation of an effective fire protection system requires sound industry experience, strong project management skills and highly trained field staff.


We create practical cost effective solutions for challenging environments across a variety of sectors including commercial industrial, government, health, education and telecommunications


Our expertise is not limited to one particular brand of product or system. Our field staff and project managers are familiar with a broad range of products and systems which means we can offer  expert advice based on your specific requirements rather than trying to fit your requirements into the specifications of a branded system.

Whether it is a complex new installation or upgrades to an existing fire system, our engineers and project managers will work closely with your contractors, architects and consultants to tailor an integrated solution for your facility.


Our installation process will begin with a survey of your building or facility to help determine the areas of risk. This will then be followed by a works programme outlining the materials, equipment and work processes required to install a solution to best manage those risks and how our activities will relate to the main works schedule.


Our installation team will then work to the agreed plans and specifications to install the components of your fire protection system and most importantly, ensure that all components are integrated correctly for the seamless operation of the overall system


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