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Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection (PFP) is one of the three integral components of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building: Passive, Active and Preventative.


PFP is about containing and slowing the spread of fires through use of fire-resistant walls, floors, and doors, as well as making sure wall and floor penetrations are properly sealed with the correct fire resistant materials.  

Heightened Fire Protection Scrutiny Affects Auckland Apartments

The June 2017 Grenfell apartments fire in London, where 80 lives were lost, has heightened local authorities awareness of passive fire protection risks in NZ.

In Auckland buildings that in the past have routinely passed a building Wof inspection may now fail due to inadequate passive fire protection.

Because this is an increasingly significant issue for many Auckland commercial buildings we've set up a separate organisation dedicated to providing passive fire protection services.

    For more information on what we offer click the link below.

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